A laid-back combination of a gardening simulator and a fairy tale adventure. Help Wood Grandpa clean the island and restore its beauty so that its former inhabitants can return to their homes. Take photos of your garden compositions, relax and discover the secrets.

  • Public Date: December 4, 2021
  • Developer: Sleepwalking Potatoes, SimFabric
  • Language: Simplified Chinese, English, etc., 11 languages
  • Feature: Adventure, Sandbox, Build

Welcome to Gardenia! The originally peaceful and peaceful island is facing the destruction of trolls. As a gardener, you need to use your own power to restore the vitality of Gardenia and help the residents of Gardenia to find a better life. At the same time, you can also explore the island freely, experience a relaxed and casual island adventure, and unlock the secrets hidden in Gardenia.

Start exploring Gardenia, you can find all kinds of wonderful materials, craft items on the magic tool table, and use these items to arrange Gardenia, making it a fun and unique place. As a gardener, you will be able to experiment with your gardening and crafting skills, rearranging the island's vegetation, building roads and fences. Remember to take a few pictures of your beautiful garden!

As you work your way through Gardenia, you will meet more and more aboriginal people. Grandpa Oak will give you a lot of help, so you can make tools to get gold coins; Detective Foxy Holmes will guide you to investigate the many secrets of Gardenia; and the fierce-looking Berry Bear may be the solution A key link in the Crisis on Gardenia.

Try to be friends with the residents of Gardenia! They will be an important helper for you to explore Gardenia.

Gardenia is being destroyed! When night falls, the trolls enter the Enchanted Island through the evil gate and wreak havoc. It's up to you as a gardener to remove the influence of the trolls and rebuild the island, and finally close the gates of evil and bring peace back to Gardenia.

In addition to completing a variety of tasks, you can freely explore Gardenia, and we hope to bring you a relaxing and enjoyable playing experience. Find new elements, discover new locations, unearth hidden treasures, experience the joy of exploration, and at the same time, arrange your Gardenia according to your own wishes.