Party Maker

Party Maker is a simulator that simulates preparing crazy parties in amazing places. Host a birthday, wedding, bachelorette or Halloween party in an extraordinary space. Unleash your creativity, get the right equipment, prepare a place and use what you find.

  • Public Date: October 25, 2022
  • Developer: Forestlight Games
  • Language: Simplified Chinese, English, etc., 11 languages
  • Feature: Simulation, Construction, Leisure

As a party maker, the player must take matters into his own hands to meet the needs of his clients. Before everything starts, you need to know exactly what the client wants, then clean up the scene, fix broken objects and prepare enough space for the upcoming party.

At the same time, Party Maker has a large number of decorations for players, who are free to use them to make the party more unique and unexpectedly fantastic atmosphere. However, it is also necessary to always pay attention to the client's budget so as to get a satisfying party and earn the payment they deserve.

In the game the official also prepared a lot of brainstorming venues for players to play, ordinary meeting places, gardens, campus gymnasiums, courtyards with oriental characteristics, and even a party on Mars.

In addition, players can collect party coins to unlock special decorations and decorate their offices with the collection.

Here are the most important tips of a crazy party maker:

  • Complete various orders of your clients. Take care of the budget and clients' satisfaction.
  • By making parties for others, you collect money for your own event. It will be your final task.
  • Various types of tools will help you in decorating and renovating.
  • Sometimes you will have to deal with unexpected events and also meet extraordinary characters.
  • Find and unlock catalogs to gain access to new decorations. Create items from the junk you find.
  • Arrange items freely. If you run out of ideas, you can use the patterns we set for you.

Thanks to the large number of decorations, Party Maker gives you the opportunity to create the party of your dreams, arranging unusual places, creating unique atmosphere, and, above all, it can be an inspiration for your own real-life Party.